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Jennewein's Redbone Coonhounds

This and That

This and That
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Our Redbones

Kennel Playtime
Hey..Where is the Lady with the Food???

Redbone Youngsters
Where's that Racoon????

A little About Us and The Dogs!

Grand-daughter wrestling the hounds!
Cmon you guys!!!!

Patty's first show @ American Days 2006
Brian tuning her up!!

My husband began his coonhunting at an early age alongside his father back in the day when there were no high tech gadgets to track dogs. He often tells us stories of his fathers coonhunting escapades! The dogs loaded up in a car or the dogs being lost and having to walk all night long to locate them! Those were the days grandpa!!

We live in House Springs Missouri, a small rural living at its best!

Taking a break from work

What a job!

What a job huh...these guys putting in some hard work in the woods just stopped to take a break! Good looking guys!!


Here's a list of some of our favorite things!

American Redbone Days! Good people and good food along with all the Reddogs!
The Winter Classic..Albany GA is beautiful and people are so friendly!
Autumn Oaks..Richmond Indiana..just a real good time for everyone!
The grandkids out on a nice night with the hounds!

Here's a list of some of my favorite people:
My husband of my life!
Our six children..Brian, Dale, Chrissy, Mike, Jason and Amy
Our grandkids..Brennan, Morgan, Madison, Kalie, Lilly, Allison and Mackenzie
( yep, Brennan is the only boy ) daughterinlaws, Paula,Sarah, Sheri and Vonnie and soninlaw Jud..
All of our good friends around the country..Brent and Kim Peel..Harold and Bonnie Hoffmeister..Jeff and Brandi Magill..and on and on.
To all the folks whom have purchased pups from us in the past..thank you and LET'S WIN THE GOLD!!!!

Redbone Coonhounds