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Jennewein's Redbone Coonhounds

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Burning Pepper X Outlaw Jackie Litter


American Redbone Days 2006
Ladies Fellowship Nite Hunt Winner, Paula Jennewein

Pepper X Colonel pups


Outlaw Red Pepper has her first NTCH daughter!! A cross made with Malley's Southern Red Colonel and Pepper has produced outstanding young coonhounds and we are proud to have made this cross. Awesome Mosquito Creek Magic owned by Jack Bingham and Lee Wooldridge of Iowa has made NTCH and others from this same litter are in line behind Magic. Ficken's Backwoods Drifter is 1 win away from making NTCH and another from this litter is doing well in Texas having placed 9th in the Texas State Hunt! Pepper puts a lot of go in her pups and although she's a pleasure hound..Pepper carries a gene that produces traits from her Sire and Dam..GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Ficken's Outlaw Jack and GRNITECH CH Glisson's Red Pepper.Her second litter born Jan.2008 are already turning up the heat..early starters and extremely intellegent pups with huge voices, good noses and all the go in the coonhound world! A cross between Pepper and Missouri Timberjack a direct son of GRCH GRNITECH'PR' Outlaw Billy The Kid has given us traits from the best! The Grand Sires and Grand Dams in this bloodline tells the tale! We are excited here at Jennewein's Genuine Redbone Kennel about these upcoming superstars! Good luck to all of you who own a Pepper pup!!!

Welcome to Jennewein's Genuine Redbones! Home of Jennewein's Outlaw Red Pepper, Jennewein's Outlaw Red Patty and Jennewein's Missouri Timberjack.

Our latest aquisition..Missouri Timberjack comes to our kennel from Mike Woods of Texas..thanks Mike and Tony for the opportunity to own such an awesome specimen! Jack will be trained and campaigned in 08 by his co-owner Brian Jennewein.

Outlaw Red Pepper

Our first Redbone..Outlaw Red Pepper came to us as a gift from our son Brian back in 2005 and is a major key to our breeding program here. She produces pups who are early starters. Her second litter will be on the ground in January 2008..a cross made with Missouri Timberjack ( Billy the Kid )..should be a nice cross, lots of go!( Sadly..our Pepper girl left us this past August and will forever be missed by our family..she gave so much to the breed in the pups she left behind..RIP Pepper..Sing sweet in Heaven!


Pepper pups..proven ability! Keep watching for these pups in the winners circles..they will be there!!

pups 2 17 08-125.jpg


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